Peace of Mind Flood Service

Published on 18 August 2022 at 11:45

If you have a flood emergency in your home or business, we are equipped and ready to help you clean up, disinfect and dry your property back to normal. Call (614) 702–7072 and tell us about your flood situation. You will be connected with a water damage emergency response team promptly. 


When our water damage professional arrives, they will assess your situation and provide you with an on-the-spot diagnostics and estimate. They will address your concerns, review necessary documents and will be equipped to get started ASAP.


Starting ASAP is typically recommended because flooding or standing water can quickly cause dangerous mold growth and expensive structural damage to your home. Our goal is to clear out all the wetness as neatly as possible, disinfect and rapidly dry the effected area with our dehumidifiers and high speed fans.


One bright side of water damage restoration is, it's often covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy and sometimes is an opportunity to remodel after restoration. specialists are experienced in working with your insurance provider and reducing your out of pocket expense.

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